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Gust and Moth return
by Lex (carnivaltoday)
at February 16th, 2009 (11:34 pm)

The Howl sounded hours after the moon had risen over the treetops. The voices of two elves and two wolves which had not been heard at the Tribe Howl’s, or in the whispering woods or anywhere around the foggy Grove that the elves called home for almost two turns of the season.
They had waited until they had come out of the mountains and had entered the familiar, damp woods to tell their tribe that they had returned home.
They were shaggier and leaner than when they’d left, but the mischief in the eyes and cat’s grin hadn’t changed at all. They were wrapped in the long haired pelts of the mountain goats and their cheeks were rosy, burnt from the wind.

**We’re home.**

Multi-Facets [userpic]
Silent and Whistler, between the waterfall and the holt.
by Multi-Facets (multi_facets)
at November 5th, 2008 (09:58 pm)

The sky was getting brighter; dawn would soon come to fill the day with light. Silent yawned widely, shaking his head wolf-like, and began gathering up the tubes of wood and bone he had come up with. A bunch of wood tubes had been tied together, going from long to short, and a copy of bone had also been made. Tomorrow night he was planning on trying an instrument of both wood and bone tubes.

Perhaps, if he could convince himself to leave the waterfall, Silent would call Wanderlust and his parents and go on a deer hunt some time, to see if he could recreate the project he had been working on two turns of the seasons ago, when Stormheart and Wildclaw had been injured by humans. The quiet one could still remember what it had looked like.

Yawning again, Silent tucked the flutes and panpipes under an arm and went for the holt. Time to cuddle with his lifemate and "listen" to their Higo before they all got some rest.

Pazku [userpic]
by Pazku (pazku)
at October 11th, 2008 (12:11 pm)

After spending a bit more time cuddled up with Silent, Dusk decided to explore a little with Coppertail. She walked slowly beside her wolf-friend, a hand always on Coppertail's side. Dusk scanned the area ahead of her and smiled when she saw a familiar plant. She wandered over to it and knelt in front of it. Coppertail sat just to the side of her friend and watched the area, making sure her little one was safe.

Dusk examined the plant. It didn't look like it was doing to well. An animal had feasted on its leaves. Dusk smiled slightly as she took part of a mangled leaf into her hand and started humming as she helped the poor plant regain it's former glory.

Multi-Facets [userpic]
Late winter, waterfall, same time as Lightstone's hunt
by Multi-Facets (multi_facets)
at September 6th, 2008 (11:35 pm)
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There, that should do it. Silent lifted the little wooden tube from his lap and studied it carefully. It had five holes in the top; one to blow through, and four for his fingers. It looked a little like something he'd glimpsed in the human camp before he'd been shot. From what stories of the past said, these things were called "flutes". His version was smaller and more delicate, though.

The young elf turned it in his hands, feeling the smoothness and making sure there were no splinters before lifting the instrument to his lips and softly blowing across the first hole, just as an experiment. A sweet note sounded, and Silent slowly began to expand on that, testing what sounded good, how to moderate his breath so it was neither too hard nor too soft, unconsciously trying to echo the Song that rang in the back of his mind.

He closed his eyes, drifting in the music, feeling an odd sort of peace as he worked.

Multi-Facets [userpic]
Late winter, Holt (attn: Whistler and Winterstar)
by Multi-Facets (multi_facets)
at July 30th, 2008 (05:44 pm)

Some of the storage holes looked as though they could use a little "padding"; they weren't dangerously low -there were too many hunters for that- but still. Never hurt to be prudent.

That, and Lightstone was bored.

Stormheart was on patrol again with High Ones-knew-who, and Silent was off at the waterfall once more, so the elder improvised.

**Winterstar? Whistler? Are you around?**

Multi-Facets [userpic]
Silent, mid-winter, by the little waterfall above the pond.
by Multi-Facets (multi_facets)
at June 19th, 2008 (04:59 pm)

Perhaps he was starting to drive some of his tribe-mates nuts. For some time now, he had done virtually nothing but sit and "listen", acting more like an overly watchful near-wolf than a Wolfrider.

Like his old self, really. His parents and lifemate had to hunt for him, because half the time he forgot to, and Wanderlust wasn't always around to provide for him, (but that was all right by Silent; he preferred it that his wolf-friend looked out for herself first in winter).

The first eight days had been uneventful, and as time went on, Silent found himself getting bored a lot. Not as much as he could have, since he was still paying a lot of attention to the "notes" of the humans, and Stormheart often came to train him in spear-work, but the quiet elf found himself looking for something for his hands to do while his mind was occupied.

He had come upon the solution last night, and this night Silent was busily trying to turn old bones into musical instruments, using stone tools his father had generously shaped for him. The bones would make nice flutes, so he thought.

Helga [userpic]
IC: Foxfire and Sunsong, Midwinter (six weeks after leaving), somewhere in the Whispering Woods
by Helga (skadhisgydhja)
at June 11th, 2008 (08:16 am)

When she and Sunsong left the holt, Foxfire led them southeast. It was the safest direction - the west held the humans and the marshes, both with their own perils, and the mountains to the north sheltered trolls.

They hadn't traveled more than an hour when a sense of understanding and acceptance brushed the edges of her mind. She paused and looked back. The feeling was faint enough that she wasn't sure if it were real or her imagination, but she hoped that there was truth to it, and that when she and Sunsong returned the others wouldn't be too angry.

She wasn't sure what she was looking for, but she was content to live in the Now, away from the expectations of the tribe - hunting, joining, talking, and always wandering farther east. The forest was still as the cold deepened, white-covered and sleeping, and though food wasn't plentiful the time passed largely without incident.
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Multi-Facets [userpic]
Winterstar and Silent, daybreak
by Multi-Facets (multi_facets)
at June 4th, 2008 (12:14 am)

(OOC: Some adult moments in here, folks.)

Now that he and Rushlight were finished, Silent could return with a somewhat clearer mind. As he and Wanderlust approached his den, Ghostflash lifted his head, growling quietly at first. He noticed his elf-friend's scent on the young male a second later, and quickly turned the growling into a greeting. **Sorry,** Ghostflash apologized, giving his tail a wag.

Silent offered his hand. **Not a problem,** he replied, and entered the den after a quick lick from the ghost-like wolf, leaving Wanderlust to settle herself.

Winterstar was in bed already, curled under the furs. Her breath was quiet and deep, indicating she was already well on her way to the world of dreams. Silent smiled softly, and hurried out of his clothing to slide under the furs behind his lifemate, arms going tightly around her waist and shoulders. He nuzzled her neck gently, breathing her scent to comfort himself.

Murmuring happily, Winterstar sighed as she woke up, turning her face toward him. **I wondered when you'd be back,** she sent as she blinked still-sleepy eyes. **Are you all right?**

**No,** her lifemate confessed at last, scratching gently behind her ear. **I've been so afraid, Elun. I'm still afraid. The humans have not left, and I don't know if they ever will. I'm scared for you, for our wolf-friends, for the whole tribe, especially with Sunsong and Foxfire gone.**

Winterstar rolled over and put her arms around her lifemate, holding tightly to him. **It's hard not to be afraid of the humans. Why haven't you told me sooner?** Her tone was not accusing, just curious, and tinged with the same worry she'd felt for him.

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Eliza Sea [userpic]
Nightglow, Dusk, Mist: Nightglow's den, after council
by Eliza Sea (machinegirl)
at May 31st, 2008 (01:18 pm)

Nightglow had retreated to her den after Brightsky's council. She wanted to finish Brightsky's cloak while the idea she had come up with was still fresh in her mind. She pulled out the ball of dark blue twisted grass and began stitching tiny spirals around the front edges. If she was careful, she should have just enough to finish.

Dusk nodded and started moving toward the den that Mist had pointed out to her. She kept an eye on Mist, to make sure that she was keeping up. When they arrived at Nightglow's den, Dusk stood near the entryway and called out.

"N-n-n-n-nightg-g-glow?" Dusk looked for Mist to make sure she was still there.

"Dusk! Come in, come in!"" Nightglow gave a quick glance around, though she had straightened it earlier that night.

Multi-Facets [userpic]
Lightstone, the holt. (attn: Whistler)
by Multi-Facets (multi_facets)
at May 30th, 2008 (09:19 pm)

It shouldn't be like this, Lightstone thought pensively as his fingers smoothed out the long slab of flint he was holding. The white outside was shifted to one area, a hard line. We should all be at peace, laughing, hunting, singing, loving. Maybe even Recognizing more.

The purple-gray, black-speckled rock began to become sharper, with a glassy sheen.

I should only be making hunting tools, not dangerous weapons.

The edge grew serrated, each thin tooth stronger than it looked, with the image of a hawk flying above them. Lightstone broke his trance and studied the blade, almost as long as an elf's forearm, and added a thick, sturdy hilt before wrapping it in leather. Nightglow would have to make a very strong sheathe for it. **Whistler? Where are you, dear?**

Multi-Facets [userpic]
Heading near Greenlow's Glen (attn: Rushlight)
by Multi-Facets (multi_facets)
at May 19th, 2008 (05:32 pm)
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Now that most of the tribe had dispersed, it was a lot quieter. Silent stood wrapped in his mantle where the pond started becoming a stream, waiting for Rushlight. Wanderlust was by his side, flat on her belly in the snow with a bone firmly clasped between her paws. She gnawed hungrily, trying to crack it for the marrow, and Silent felt a little guilty that his wolf-friend seemed neglected. He would try to catch something for her, he figured.

Hopefully Rushlight could come soon. Silent still wasn't sure what the other elf had planned, and he wanted to know.

Multi-Facets [userpic]
IC: Lightstone and Stormheart, their den, after council
by Multi-Facets (multi_facets)
at May 8th, 2008 (04:37 pm)

"Just can't beLIEVE those idiots- what could they possibly find out there they can't find here?" Stormheart raged as she grabbed a fur to wrap around her waist, much as Wildclaw's pelt was wrapped around her shoulders. "What could they find alone that couldn't be found safely here with the tribe? Mist was right- and her, a cub, having more sense than those two! It's just- ARGH!"

Lightstone watched with as much patience as he could muster. It was always best to let his lifemate's temper burn out and let her nurse a grudge for a while, but he was starting to think he should calm her down now. Her worries sometimes kept her up during the day, and now they would probably stop her heart if he didn't do something.

**Do you remember your soul quest, beloved?**
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Meg [userpic]
IC: Brightsky, Calling Council
by Meg (indigofan)

Brightsky dropped the last few feet from the Father Tree, her feet hitting the ground with barely a sound. Quickly she slipped around the trunk, keeping out of the line of sight of those gathered in the clearing. Quietly, she made her way towards the pond, hoping there would be enough flowing water available to rinse her face and cool her stinging eyes. As she walked, she considered what she would say to her tribemates. Foxfire was an able hunter, defender and healer, and Brightsky had let her leave without even trying to stop her. The fact that she knew the other elf well enough to know something was wrong may not count for much in the eyes of the elders. "Ride swiftly, and High Ones cover your tracks." she thought, her mind on her friends. "I don't know how long of a lead I can give you."

As she approached the pond, she brushed aside branches to reach the edge. A chill breeze ruffled the trees around her, and the huntress went still as a familiar scent reached her nose. She choked down another whimper, knowing it would do no good to break down again- but clearly the two lovers had come this way. Quickly she knelt on the bank, and used a sharp rock to break a sizable hole where the ice cover was thinnest. The water was so cold that her hands were numb almost immediately, and Brightsky gasped as it hit her face. She forced herself to repeat the process over and over again, until she was sure that the swelling and redness of her eyes was gone.

Taking a deep breath, she stood, and turned resolutely towards the holt. Now. She needed to do it now. Purposefully, she strode back towards the clearing, this time headed right for the group already seated at the base of the tree. She smiled briefly at them as she approached, noting with surprise that Mist was hanging around the edge of the group. Before any of them could greet her, however, she tipped her head back and gave voice to a full throated howl.


Council, it meant. Now.

Meg [userpic]
IC: Brightsky, the Father Tree, Night.
by Meg (indigofan)
at April 28th, 2008 (10:36 pm)

Brightsky sat back on her heels in the snow, brushing a curl away from her eyes. Looking up at her were two big, yellow eyes, clearly trying to convey a sense of pathetic-ness, but the archer just laughed and her wolf-friend sighed in disappointment. Whisper dropped his head back to his paws, but gave a grunt of appreciation as his elf-friend scratched him affectionately behind the ears. The challenge had tired him out, but other than some superficial grazes, the tawny beast seemed just fine. He certainly didn't need to be hunted for, which was exactly what he wanted.

**Tired? Old?** Brightsky wolf-sent, along with an image of a comically aged wolf.

Indignation flowed strongly along the bond, and Whisper looked at her in a way that could only be called affronted, growling slightly. The huntress laughed again and rose, knowing her bond was perfectly well enough to look for his own dinner.

As if thinking of dinner had done it, Brightsky's belly gave a loud growl. She headed for her den, which was only a few paces off. Pushing aside the heavy curtain that blocked the winter chill, she scooted quickly inside and paused to adjust to the darkness. Luminescent moss native to Fog Grove usually grew in patches inside her den- giving it a soft glowing look. In the middle of the white cold, however, the huntress had to rely on her own sharp eyes to see what she was doing. In a covered basket in the corner, she found what she was looking for: strips of dried deer meet, and a skin of dreamberry wine.

She tore off a mouthful of meat and slung the skin on her belt as she headed back towards the opening. Suddenly she felt her foot catch something, possibly her sleeping furs, and she tumbled forward, hitting the floor with an undignified thump, half in-half out of her den.

"Puckenuts!" she cried, clutching the elbow she'd bounced off the ground. After a moment, she extended her arm, wincing, and was relieved to see that while painful- everything seemed to be in working order. Thinking she had herself sorted out, the huntress started to her feet, only to be stopped short by a tugging at her shoulder and a loud ripping sound. Heaving a large sigh, and sounding mightily like her dramatic wolf-friend, Brightsky yanked at her cloak and stormed out of her den into the moonlight.

Once she could see clearly again, the damage was fairly obvious. The fish hook she was using to secure the curtain in the daylight was snagged at the end of a long tear in the brown leather. Sighing again, she plucked it out and raised her eyes to the branches above her. "Nightglow is going to have fits," she thought. "She just finished this cloak!"

Gritting her teeth, the huntress sent a mental call upwards as she began to climb.


Multi-Facets [userpic]
IC: Winterstar and Stormheart, leaving the dens
by Multi-Facets (multi_facets)
at April 26th, 2008 (01:57 am)

Winterstar fell into step beside Stormheart, not sure what could be said after all that had happened. Had it been her own mother- well, her own mother would not have done what Stormheart had, and Winterstar was at a bit of a loss. She walked a few steps farther before she sent, **I am glad you are watching out for her. I worry about some of our tribemates going out on their own.**

**[irritation] She isn't watching out for herself, so someone has to,** the huntress replied. **We're all in danger if even one of us is seen, or worse, captured. Sunsong doesn't seem to realize that.** Stormheart sighed. "Foolish cubs, both of them. The peace has made us all a bit soft, I think. Even me. Under Trollblade's leadership, I would have cut scars across both their noses as a reminder not to be such troll-brained idiots." She shook her head. "I think."

"Under Trollblade's leadership, I don't know that you would have had much to do with either of them at all," Winterstar said quietly, watching as Ghostflash scampered a few steps ahead of them. "They might not have even had much to do with each other." She sighed. "It's hard for me to imagine what things were like then. It's hard to think that there might have been a time when we weren't afraid every moment of the humans and what they might do to us."

"Foxfire was smitten with Sunsong even then. She protected her from everything, just as I said." Stormheart sighed. "And it is true; the human threat hangs over us heavily and closely. I don't like it, Winterstar. Promise me you won't go wandering off without someone like Sunsong and Moss do." She paused, and growled. "And Starshadow." If she caught him doing that again, she.... wouldn't try to dominate him, actually. Humans had done enough of THAT.
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Multi-Facets [userpic]
IC: Silent, the Holt, by the pond.
by Multi-Facets (multi_facets)
at April 25th, 2008 (04:29 pm)

Silent had drifted back into the Song once he had congratulated his lifemate on her new bond, contemplatively "touching" here and there to "listen" as the fancy struck him. The harmony was as solid as ever, but "hearing" the "notes" of humans, however faint, made his lip curl now. Oh, they were part of the Song as rightfully as any Wolfrider or animal, but just like everyone else in the tribe, he wanted them GONE. Not here. Not so close. If the humans left and did whatever they wanted to do somewhere else, that would be perfect.

Despite his participation in the rescue of Nightglow, Whistler and Starshadow, Silent had felt fear growing in him ever since those brutes had attacked his mother and Sunsong not far from the Holt. Having touched death thanks to their arrows hadn't helped any either, and as Winterstar's pregnancy progressed, Silent's fear had intensified, perhaps becoming irrational.

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Helga [userpic]
IC: At the wolf dens, right after the fight.
by Helga (skadhisgydhja)
at April 25th, 2008 (01:12 pm)

Starshadow had watched the fight curiously - even after several moons at Fog Grove Holt he didn't know enough about the dynamics of these elves to really understand everything that was going on. Once the youngling lost the challenge, he went back to watching the wolves. His failure to make a bond, however, still depressed him and after a moment he stood, ready to go back to the holt.

Brightsky stood a little apart from the rest, alternating worried looks at Foxfire and Sunsong with concerned glances in the direction of the holt. Starshadow had felt a comfortable fondness for the young huntress ever since her warm welcome on the night of the rescue. He approached her and put a hand lightly on her shoulder. "Are you alright, bright one?"

Helga [userpic]
IC: The Holt, Early winter, while the others are at the wolves' den
by Helga (skadhisgydhja)
at April 16th, 2008 (12:17 pm)

**Sorry. I had to try getting your attention to get through to Sunsong,** Stormheart lock-sent. **She's troubled, has been hiding something. I'm digging it out of her now. If you want to come, go ahead, but it might be all right now.**

Something was wrong with Sunsong? Foxfire quickly wiped her knife on the fur of the ravvit she was skinning to clean it - she hoped Nightglow would forgive her dirtying the pelt - and sheathed it. Her lovemate had been quiet in the moons since the rescue mission, but Foxfire hadn't thought there was anything wrong. Now, as she jogged the short distance to the Father Tree, she cursed her own preoccupation. She should have noticed, should have been helping Sunsong all along, instead of leaving something festering. And Stormheart's sending had been absolutely furious. The thought of gentle Sunsong having to face Stormheart in one of her tempers made Foxfire jog faster. She had to get there before something happenend.

She burst out into the clearing and saw the wolves fighting, but all that registered was Brightsky standing nearby. Good - the wolf den was too far to go alone, and now she wouldn't have to hunt down anyone to go with her.

"Brightsky!" she called. "I need you to come with me - I have to find Sunsong."

illyria_weiss [userpic]
IC, The Father Tree, Mid eve, Winter
by illyria_weiss (illyria_weiss)
at February 2nd, 2008 (04:47 pm)
current mood: accomplished

Mist woke in her den and was met with three pairs of eyes watching her. She smiled at each of the wolves and leaned in to nuzzle their necks in greeting. The crickets outside started singing their nightly song and Mist could smell a storm on the breeze. It was far off, but within the next few nights the snow would be covering the forest in a deeper blanket of white.
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Multi-Facets [userpic]
The Holt, moonsrise, after Greenlow's election
by Multi-Facets (multi_facets)

I hope I won't have to make a habit of this, Lightstone thought to himself, dropping to the ground with a yawn. Stormheart followed, spears in her hands; she was planning to go on patrol with anyone still wolf-bonded who would want to work with her. She was hoping her lifemate would want to, but he had his head full recently, and was troubled enough.

Lightstone howled, calling council. Tonight they would cover a topic just as important as selecting a new chief.

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